ISSS Resilience Centre


Stuart Seymour – Patron of the ISSS and Fellow of the Institute

Regional Security Director UK, Europe, FSU at Lockheed Martin for International Security, set up the LM's new International Security Office. Assisted in setting out the strategy, mission, vision and operational focus. Recruited and currently manages and leads three other Lockheed Martin Regional Security Managers based in Asia, MEA and Americas.  Previously,. Director of The Risk Advisory Group, Kroll and a Captain in the British Army. Educated at the British Military Academy and University of Birmingham.

Philip Wayer – Founding Member & Chairman of the Board of ISSS

Philip has a background, in excess of 30 years, within electronics and technology industry working on Ministry of Defence and private sector projects. During the last 10 years Philip held the position of Chairman of the Board of Directors for Decade Plc, a specialist security risk management company. Actively involved in the implementation of crisis preparedness & management analysis, capability and capacity building projects. Clients included the UN, government authorities, NGO’s and corporations in EU, Middle East including Afghanistan, Gaza, West Bank, Lebanon, Jordan and Oman.

In 2010, Philip was one of the founding members of the ISSS and has subsequently worked, diligently, in communities and municipalities to create a safer, sustainable and resilient future for Swedish civil society.


Graham Cull - Founding Member, Member of the Board and Fellow of the Institute ISSS

Served over thirty  years in the British Police Force within the intelligence and investigation divisions, in particular in Northern Ireland. Member of the Board of Directors of Decade Plc, providing security risk management services. Actively involved in risk management, the development of education and procedures within local authorities including the security sector.

Tony Hester - Founding Member of the Board ISSS

Served over twenty  years in the British Metropolitan Police Force. Responsible for the Metropolitan Police Force Training Academy in London for last 8 years of service. Founder of ‘Sancus Solutions’ in the United Kingdom, developing education and training programs within the law enforcement and security sectors for accountability, good practice, information  handling and investigation techniques.

Hansi Stafbom – Member of the Board and Fellow of the Institute

Founding Director of SSK Säkerhetsakademien, Uppsala,  Over twenty years in the private security industry providing training and consultancy for companies, authorities, county councils, organizations, governments and individuals in the "Personal safety - threats and violence".  Hansi has developed training courses for personal  safety and security including threats and violence, conflict management, tactical communications, travel safety, raw security, self protection and control technology. Awarded the Fellowship of the ISSS for outstanding service to the industry.

Carl Lindbom Consultant to the Board


Carl served for many years in the Swedish Police Force and has been dedicated to ISSS principle of crime prevention during his police service and during his retirement.

Carl’s achievements in the police force have been significant with special reference to anti-corruption investigations and profiling and identification of youths at an early stage to prevent their future direction leading to criminal activities.

Carl has significant experience in these areas in both rural and urban environments and brings a wealth of knowledge to the ISSS and a leading consultant to the board.

Thom Board Board Member

Thom joined the OWL-Tech company to develop business opportunities globally. Projects were undertaken in South Africa, Bahamas, Norway, UK and the Middle East. He was elected to the Executive Board in October 1999 and played a key role in taking the company to the markets and subsequent London AiM Listing in August 2001 Thom has subsequently worked with Clean-Tec and oil / gas projects, investments and companies in senior roles including current oil exploration projects in the Congo and West Africa.

Elliott Mannis - Consultant to the Board

Elliott Mannis is a chartered accountant with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. Elliott joined D1 Oils in 2005 as Chief Financial Officer and subsequently became Chief Executive Officer in 2008. Elliot was the driving force in the D1 and BP joint venture, a $160 million bio-diesel project that uses jatropha as a feedstock.

Dr. Robert Lovitt Consultant to the Board

Dr R.W. Lovitt, Senior Lecturer, Centre for Complex Fluids, University of Wales Swansea. Dr. Lovitt formed Visund in 2000, together with Thom Board, to investigate commercial viability of advanced biological processes. Key projects include bio-remediation of ship waste-waters, transition metals recovery from mining operations, fermentation colouration processes, gas recovery and injection in Zone 1 locations.

Stephen J. Hinton Fellow of the Institute and Consultant to the Board

Stephen has been concerned about future of fossil fuel shortages, financial system collapse and climate threats for many years.  He is the author of  "Inventing for the Sustainable Planet" , a book on sustainable development and has produced significant amount of research in this area. In addition to developing a platform for testing  alternative / complimentary local community currencies (COGS) his is actively working on an alternative, local form of investment ‘UOT’ (Units of the Trust ) and a member of the board of JAK Bank. Stephen is a key member of the ISSS project team for both ITK MINUTOS and Upplandsbygd Local Complimentary Currency Feasibility Study. Stephen, was also instrumental in starting an 'ekoenhet' in Sweden, a new type of eco-village.

Rolf Shenton Member of the Board ISSS

Rolf returned to Sweden in 2007 after 45 years of innovative business and leadership in Africa. He sees Swedish energy development as an important role model towards a more peaceful and secure world. A resourceful econclast advocating the urgent implementation of alternative energy strategies. Rolf sees the bio-diesel project as an important pilot for worldwide duplication. Rolf produced the first feasibility studies in Zambia for bio-fuel alternatives.

Barry Beavan - Member of the Board ISSS

An officer within the GMB Trade Union in the United Kingdom. Barry is an expert on Health & Safety and security for it's members within the security services sector. Experienced in national and international safety and security standards including the HSE.