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ARC PROJECT (Active Refugees in the Community)

ARC is based on the essence of understanding cultural background and current/past challenges of immigrants.

The ARC project will create innovative learning platforms that engage immigrants with locals in design, building, farming, cultural and social activities, and thus enhance immersive cultural and language learning and job creation.
The partners will recruit altogether 100 immigrants or immigrant families with refugee background during the project.

The invited Finnish immigrants will participate with locals in designing and building 8-10 small glasshouses from
recycled materials incl. lighting and watering system in an area provided by the City of Tampere. Guidance on
cultivation will be provided during the growing seasons. Involved immigrants will show and learn a wide range of skills from construction and garden planning to crop growing and seed collection in interaction with locals. During winter, immigrants will be involved in cooking courses where the cultivated vegetables are used. The Swedish partner will develop and pilot a concept “Seed 2 Pot 2 People” (local food to local people) where immigrants will grow vegetables from seed, raise in pots indoors and distribute to the local Cafe.

The Swedish partner (ISSS) will also pilot “own radio station” for immigrants with refugee background. Local residents will be invited as well and encouraged to submit content (news, music) to the radio station to be broadcasted. They will engage with the immigrants on a weekly basis.

The Finnish and Swedish partners will also organize with the target group regular gardening and cultural events open for local people. The immigrants will show practical skills, exchange experiences and life stories via regular video blog during the project. This provides peer support and strengthens their sense of dignity, which supports integration. The experiences and novel methods will be disseminated to public sector and NGOs working with immigrants.


Project activities Sweden:

16th January 2018

12.00-15.00 Partner meeting
16.00-19.00 Study visit


17th January 2018

12.00-14.00 Kick off

15.00-19.00 Study visit  


18th January 2018

9.00-12.00 Steering Committee meeting