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ARC PROJECT (Active Refugees in the Community)

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ARC is based on the essence of understanding cultural background and current/past challenges of immigrants.

The ARC project will create innovative learning platforms that engage immigrants with locals in design, building, farming, cultural and social activities, and thus enhance immersive cultural and language learning and job creation.
The partners, ISSS (Sweden), Martha (lead partner Finland and Modus (partner in Finland) will will invite a total in excess of 100 immigrants or immigrant families with refugee background to participate during the project period.

The invited Finnish immigrants will participate with locals in designing and building 8-10 small glasshouses from
recycled materials incl. lighting and watering system in an area provided by the City of Tampere. Guidance on
cultivation will be provided during the growing seasons. Involved immigrants will show and learn a wide range of skills from construction and garden planning to crop growing and seed collection in interaction with locals. During winter, immigrants will be involved in cooking courses where the cultivated vegetables are used.

ISSS (the Swedish partner) will develop and pilot a concept “Seed 2 Pot 2 People” (local food to local people) where immigrants will grow vegetables from seed, raise in pots indoors and distribute to 'Solrosen Secondhand Cafe' (the local Cafe).


ISSS will also pilot a local community radio station. in Östervåla, for immigrants with refugee background and local community residernts. Local residents will be invited, and encouraged, to submit content (news, music and local event information) to the radio station to be broadcasted. They will engage with the immigrants on a weekly basis.


ISSS and the Finnish partners will also organize, with the target group, regular gardening and cultural events open for local people. The immigrants will show practical skills, exchange experiences and life stories via regular video blog (VLOG) during the project. This provides peer support and strengthens their sense of dignity, which supports integration. The experiences and novel methods will be disseminated to public sector and NGOs working with immigrants.

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'Seed 2 Pot 2 People'

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'Local Community Radio Station'

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Project activities in Sweden:

18th January 2018

9.00-12.00 Steering Committee meeting

29th January 2018

First ARC Migrant Participants

25th June - 22nd July 2018

ARC Project Exhibition - Östervåla library

22nd June - 1st July 2018

Fest i Heby - Dalvägen 14, Östervåla

Contact us at: for details

ARC Project Sweden on YouTube

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Project Kick-Off January 2018

at ISSS, Östervåla, Sweden

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Swedish Language Training

Preparedness for the Workplace

February 2018

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Swedish Language Training - Vocabulary for restaurants & bakery. Food & cooking.

February 2018

Hur skiljer sig vårt innitativ?

Från vår erfarenhet har vi lärt oss att det finns fyra väsentliga delar i en framgångsrik integrationsprocess:

    • Respekt
    • Acceptans
    • Inkludering
    • Värdighet

Inget av ovanstående faktorer kan köpas med pengar! Integration är en resa som vi färdas sida vid sida, med tålamod och förståelse för varifrån de nyanlända har kommit och vad de upplevt

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