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"Future disasters, availability of power, the scenario and prevailing conditions - all will be factors in the selection of communications equipment to enable first responders and communities alike to communicate during crisis"


The ISSS is committed to providing tailored disaster radio communication solutions for municipalities and authorities to work in situations where other modes of communication fail. This article describes how ISSS provide R.A.I.D. derived radio communications solutions when national systems fail.

An emergency communications solution should:

- Be an easy-to-adopt, simple to use system that people can use and remember how to use during

  an emergency
- Work during a prolonged power outage (one that's longer than a few hours, after which cellular

  based mobile phone, trunked and TDMA systems may not function)
- Be useable in all types of terrain, geography, weather, indoors and outdoors, since you can't

  predict where you'll be or have to go during an emergency

- Have robust, portable and variable frequency, transmission mode and power functionality
- Function as an independent solution that can connect with all other local and regional services required
- Not rely on the Internet, which may be unavailable during a crisis


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There is no one single communications solution available for crisis management teams and services. Therefore, the ISSS utilize over 30 years experience in radio and antenna design in military, commercial and civilian markets to create an optimized secondary communications solution for municipalities.


- Determination of the municipality capacity, frequencies, modes, coverage (range) and communication partners

- Determine radio and antenna hardware, training, operational & maintenance options and requirements

- Provide “on-air” tests of solution capability

- Integrate electronically robust radio transceivers in to mechanically robust solutions

- Deliver a robust all inclusive resilient solution with integral redundancy (fail-safe system eliminating MPUs and Clock technology) with full training, documentation, warranty and  maintenance options

- Create communication partnerships to create additional capability & capacity on demand




Within the core team, ISSS have in excess of 30 years experience of::


- HF, VHF, UHF, Microwave band radio design


  transmission modes

- Military, commercial, amateur radio sectors

- Operational techniques and procedures

- HF to Microwave antenna design

- System design & verification

- RF & CE Type Approval

- Frequency Hopping & Encryption design

- Operational Training & Education

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