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CRISIS PREPAREDNESS: Communications during Crisis

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ISSS - "Preparedness through Innovation"

When a national communication system has been chosen, implemented and has proven to function well for all service users, the question of ‘why would there be a need for a Plan B?’ has to be asked.

Indeed, there are many other questions that are pre-cursors to this controversial question of ‘Why?’

  • When would a Plan B become essential?
  • What have other European countries implemented as a ‘Plan B’?
  • Should the decision of protocol and frequency be local or national?
  • Can any of the existing radio communications peripheral infrastructure be utilized?
  • How critical is radio propagation in the decision process?
  • Who should have access to a ‘Plan B’ system and why?

ISSS members have extensive experience in the field of radio communication design, development, operation and training for over 30 years. Our experience ranges from tactical military systems, police, law enforcement, fire and commercial. 

Please contact us for further information and to become a part of these essential questions.