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"In a rapidly changing world, the ISSS are focused on the development of renewable & sustainable energy solutions for residential, municipalities and regional authorities to meet the future requirements for energy".


The ISSS are commited to a number of projects, within the ISSS Program 2014-2020. These include, but are not limited to:

Bio-mass Inventory & Assets

Bio-mass assets within communities are increasing becoming the future 'Gold & Silver' of the future. Energy is one of the key enablers for communities and society to function and sustain living in the 21st Century. Bio-mass and the correct management and processes are the key enabler to renewable and sustainable future energy. In conjunction with solar and wind power, communities and regions can build manage and sustain clean energy with flexibility.

ISSS are currently delivering Bio-mass inventory studies in Swedish municipalities to understand the energy and economic assets available for the future. The value of bio-mass is increasing rapidly in value and it is essential that municipalities invest in the correct collection, storage and processing of these assets, for their future local energy security and meet the directives and goals of 2020, 2030 and 2050.

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ISSS believe that wind turbines should form a strategic part of renewable and sustainable local energy security solutions for residential, municipal and business requirements in the 21st Century.

In the autumn of 2014 ISSS will launch it's first pilot project in Sweden. The project will show case the benefits of integrating wind power with other forms of clean energy including solar panels. 

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Municipalities and Regional Authorities are often facing issues of noise and footprint complaints from residents. ISSS have opted to work closely with those manafacturers producing small to medium scale wind turbine options utilising low noise / high efficiency turbines ideally suited to residential, business and municipality solutions.

The flexiblility of modern small to medium turbines enables users to implement tailor-made energy solutions with maximum efficiency and minimal foot-print.

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