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Renewable & Sustainable Energy

"In a rapidly changing world, the ISSS are focused on the development of renewable & sustainable energy solutions for residential, municipalities and regional authorities to meet the future requirements for energy".


Bio-mass Inventory & Asset Projects

With the acknowledgement and advent of 'Peak-Oil', climate change and drive for a sustainable future, ISSS are assisting municipalities and communities move from their objective of 'sustaianability' to develop 'resilience'. The development of a Bio-Mass Bank creates energy options. Without bio-mass assets, municipalities will be limited in their ability to create Local Energy Security. However, by managing bio-mass asset effectively and centralizing bio-mass asset value within a local economic model, the municipality becomes sustainable through the ability to create energy and resilient by way of options through the variety of bio-mass substrate.

In conjunction with wind, solar and water powered energy solutions critical services and the daily functionality of communities is secured and resilient to a rapidly changing world.

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Renewable & sustainable energy is at the heart of all communities.

Without developing a strategic energy plan, the community will loose efficiency and resilience.

ISSS develop bespoke innovative solutions, integrated with local fuel, economy, communications, food, water and health. 

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"The season of change

is here & now."