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NORDIC BARN CONFERENCE (7th December 2017)

Over 400,000 unaccompanied children and youth have travelled to the EU with approximately 146,000 of these arriving in Sweden.

The Nordic Barn Conference, attended by representatives from ISSS, presented a unique platform for both Public Sector and NGO's to hear presentations on current initiatives and discuss strategies and methods for providing essential assistance to help intergate those children in to the community.

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ARC PROJECT (Active Refugees in the Community) 2017 - 2019

ARC is based on the essence of understanding cultural background and both current & past challenges of immigrants.

The ARC project will create innovative learning platforms that engage immigrants with locals in design, building, farming,
cultural and social activities, and thus enhance immersive cultural and language learning and job creation.

The projecct has capacity for approximately 100 migrants and refugees from Sweden and Finland during the project life-cycle 2017 - 2019 and the project experiences will be shared through soial media, the ISSS PRN Local Community Radio Station and traditional media channels.

Local residents will be also be invited to participate in the project and given the opportunity to be involved in the production and presentation of the radio program.

The PRN Local Community Radio Station will be located in Östervåla.

"A local radio station for the local community".

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The ARC Project is an European Union and European Regional Development Fund financed project awarded by the Intereg  Central Baltic Program.

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"Today’s shocking events at Trollhättan school, in Sweden, should provoke public concern and what is sad is that once again we have done nothing until something awful has happened".


At ISSS we have, over the last three years, repeatedly attempted to draw attention to the lack of care shown to Swedish children whilst at school. We have offered a threat assessment package that would enable schools to fulfil their obligation for the safety of children in their care. Indeed, we have offered to assist in the implementation of policies and practices that would ensure that parents could leave their children in the care of a school with confidence. One of the biggest risks that we identified was that in most schools there is open and unrestricted access to the premises. In the world in which we live in, sadly, this cannot be right and is tantamount to neglect.


Disappointingly, our offers have been disregarded. Senior school managers have decided that the measures that we identified are unnecessary and some others have decided that even the process of an evaluation of children’s’ safety whilst at school was not needed."

Graham Cull

Fellow of the Institute

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In a time where economic, housing, migratiion and environmental questions become increasingly more difficult for governments to solve and society to manage the effects, ISSS have launched the first TinyHouse project in their TinyHouse program.

The TinyHouse project will explore the benefits to society and municipalities of affordable, eco-friendly and transportable accommodation in 21st century living.

Philip Wayer talks about the need for a 'prepared society' who understand the events and challenges we face in the 21st century.

(UNT Article in Swedish)

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What are the media saying about the 'Alphagrannar' (Alpha-Neighbour) pilot project in the municipality of Heby Kommun?


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Heby 2030

Renewable Energy

Peter Lund &

Elisabet Andersson at the Heby Mässan Show

30-31 August 2014

The municipality of Heby Kommun are commited to meeting the objectives of the Heby 2030 Energy Plan.


Heby Kommun recently purchased a Leading Edge Turbine Ltd, LE-600 wind turbine package to create awareness for residents showing the potential to produce their own electricity at home and in their business..


ISSS deliver consultancy services to the municipality assisting Heby with Energy 2030 targets and bringing awareness to residents & businesses within the municipality.


Peter Lund, Head of the Local Authority in Heby Kommun (pictured right) with Elisabet Andersson, Communications Manager, (pictured left) stand next to the LE-600 wind turbine at the Heby Mässan show 30-31 August 2014.

School Safety & Security - School Shootings

Energy & Fuel - Crisis Preparedness in Civil Society

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In the last 12 months, 'School Shootings' in Sweden was rated within the top 7 worst potential incidents that could happen.

ISSS have worked closely with school safety & security in Swedish schools during 2011 and 2014 an we continue in our 2014- 2020 Program by introducing preventative control measures to support our Risk Management & Crisis Management procedures recommended for schools across Sweden through a co-operation with InSlide Lockdown, USA.

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ISSS have been studying the level of crisis preparedness in civil society and looking at the differences in the level of awareness, perspective and preparedness in the USA and Sweden. In 2014 we selected one 'average' family in the USA and one in Sweden and have given them both the task of answering the same questions to note any key diffences in their responses.

In August 2014, we continue the article with the following question of preparedness and reaction regarding future fuel and energy availability and requirements.

Key differences are reflected in the articles and all are written in their own words.

Renewable Energy

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In September  2014, ISSS will provide the Project Management for the first pilot-project of it's kind in Heby Kommun utilising an integrated wind turbine, solar panels and battery group energy storage whilst monitoring the consumption and waste data within the residential household of the participating residents.

The piklot project has a duration of 6 months, with a planned expansion to over 30 additional residences in 2014-2015 and have already started dialogue with a kommun in Stockholm län to replicate the project concept to a wider audience.

"There has been a great interest in the project concept so far and we are hopeful for some positive effcts and results during and after the project life-cycle.

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Bio-mass Inventory Study for Municipality

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ISSS completed a 6 month study of the bio-mass inventory in the municipality of Heby Kommun in August 2014. The study aimed to study the current available bio-mass substrate, bio-mass un-utilised and future availability of bio-mass substrate in the municipality as both quantity in mass and economic values.

The study also created bio-mass availability and leakage by location providing current and potential bio-energy and bio-fuel producers with valuable data.

The report is particularly useful in conjunction with the 2030 Energy Plan and Strategy, where it provides the foundation and confirmation of future production capacity within the municipality and helps define the areas where waste management could be addressed to increase valuable bio-mass asset availability.

The report will be presented in a seminar in October 2014, by ISSS.

If you are interested in further information please Contact Us.

Communications During Crisis

Alternative Communications - "When Everything Fails"

2 day Training Course

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ISSS are pleased to announce their 'Communications During Crisis' training courses. Delivered in co-operation with Oriel Labs, reknowned research and development, the course is targeted at crisis co-ordinators,  crisis managers, first responders and essential service providers at municipal and regional levels in Sweden. Essential knowledge when cellular and digital trunked networks fail.

The course is divided in to three core sections, over a two day duration:

  • Radio Transmission Protocols & Theory
  • Alternative Radio Communication Hardware
  • Alternative Radio Communications Operating Techniques & Procedure

*Course starts from November 2014 and are delivered in Swedish and English

Local Fuel Security - Continuity of Essential Services in Municipalities

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ISSS continues it's approach to 'Local Fuel Security' for municipalities and counties. We acknowledge the absolute requirement of fuel supply to ensure the delivery of essential services during crisis.

ISSS approach is unique in it's ability to deliver physical solution options after study, research and solution development phases.

ISSS have formed a co-operation agreement in Sweden to ensure the availability an storage capacity of both fossil and renewable fuels to enable any municipality in Sweden guaranteed access when-ever it is required.

For further information on how ISSS can help create and maintain sustainable fuel security in your municipality contact: today.