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Citizen's View


Citizen's View


The section below is the first in a monthly series showing the perspectives of two individuals on the need for individual preparedness. These are un-edited personal views which show the potential differences in opinion.

Written by:   Janne

Location:     Uppsala län, Sweden

Age Group: 40-65 years

Citizen:        Sweden

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ISSS asked the following question:

"Could an event, outside your country, have a significant impact on 

your daily life?"


The Swedish economy is stable and I do not think that other countries economy shall change the stability in Sweden. We do not have the Euro and we do not depend on other countries for assistance or aid. Sweden has never got involved in foreign wars and we only send a few of our military to assist in disaster relief projects, not for any battles.

The Middle East problems do not concern us. If the fighting is for the oil, then there are new oil found in Alaska and it will not run out for many years. We do rely on gas for heating and cooling like some European countries so the situation in Ukraine will not affect us here in Sweden. Russia has only protected its people in the Crimea and will not go any further. We believe that the United Nations will ensure that there is a peaceful and non-violent solution to the situation.

Swedish Minister for Economy has told that we are in economic growth and the economy here is getting stronger and stronger. Sweden has always had equal salary for people, so that there is an average income for most people. Unless the price of imported goods gioes up a lot we will not be affected by any crisis in other countries,

We have good relations with the Baltic countries and Russian Federation and the Middle East problems are far away from here.

We are more concerned with our own politics and laws. These are the things that affect our daily lives.



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** The opinions shown are personal perspectives on preparedness, written by private citizens, and do not necessarily represent the opinion or views of the ISSS.