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Citizen's View


Citizen's View


The section below is the first in a monthly series showing the perspectives of two individuals on the need for individual preparedness. These are un-edited personal views which show the potential differences in opinion.

Written by:   Doug Murray

Location:     Winsconsin, U.S.A.

Age Group: 40-65 years

Citizen:       U.S.A

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ISSS asked the following questions:

a. If you had the knowledge that energy ( fuel and electricity) were
not going to be easily available in the future - What 3 preparations
would you make in advance?
b. if you had not made any advance preparations - What would the first
3 things you would do if there was suddenly no fuel or electricy?

Long term electrical failure will mean that essentially there will be chaos everywhere because no one will be able to access their bank accounts, cell phones, internet, computer games, or cable television. The second problem that will occur will be there will be no frozen foods such as beef, poultry, fish, at the stores which will mean that all food that would have to be eaten is canned foods, or whatever a family could growing a vegetable garden. The third problem that will occur would come from the Water Treatment plants is because without electricity we would not be able to drink from our water faucet. The next problem would be is that gas stations need electricity in order to pump gas, without electricity no one will have gas to drive. The fourth problem would occur when people cannot could there food because there stoves are not working and some people might go hungry. Another major problem that would occur is that the refrigerator would no longer be working and therefore the food will spoil. The next concern would be is that if there is no electricity the furnace in the house would not work and therefore my family would have to face a very cold winter.


There are major ways to combat these problems. The first thing I had prepared for my family is that I have numerous flashlights (great quality) and numerous spare batteries so that I can ensure that my family can see in the dark and batteries also can be used to help start fires. Another precaution that I take I have a fire-pit in my backyard so I can burn a lot of wood in order to purify water and cook my families food. Along with my fire-pit I also have a charcoal grill which means I can burn charcoal in order to purify water and also to cook with and also to wash dishes with purified water. Another major precaution that I had taken is having a Ham Radio and a license so I can hear weather forecasts or listen to any emergency announcements. Other preparations that I had undertaken are that my family also has numerous candles to light the house at nighttime. The most important Preparation is having emergency generators and extra fuel to operate it with it because a generator can recharge batteries for vehicles and also provide electricity for my house during the winter time. My last preparation that I had undertaken was that I have numerous camping stoves and sterno cans to could my food with. Sterno cans can last up to several hours. Lanterns and extra kerosene are extremely important along with numerous different fire starting tools are important. You can never have enough lighters, and lighter fluid because these are important pieces of equipment to stay warm with, cooking food, and water purification.


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** The opinions shown are personal perspectives on preparedness, written by private citizens, and do not necessarily represent the opinion or views of the ISSS.