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The ISSS are pleased to announce the PRN (Preparedness Resilience Network) Series of Webinars throughout 2014. This is an efficient way of keeping  informed on key topics that may be of specific interest to you, your network or organization. Effective, efficient and a truly global invitation.


EMERGENGENCY PREPAREDNESS - Preparedness for you & your family

15th May 2016 - Registration open from 15th April 2016

Many people are focused on the preparedness for public and private sectors in the event of crisis, disaster or emergency. What are the risks and effects in civil society if individuals in are not adequately prepared and how does that effect governance, business and sustainable living?


Registration open from - Watch for further details

An introduction to CSR . “From philanthropy to resilience, from green concerns to business continuity”. Webinar offered in partnership between: ISSS The Institute of Swedish Safety & Security and WAF the Water and Food Award.

LOCAL FUEL SECURITY - Creating Targets to Meet the Objectives 

21st August 2016 - Registration open from 21st July 2016

The declaration of Peak Oil has been understood by many. EU, national and local directives have set goals for ‘Local Fuel Independence’ for environmental managers and crisis management teams alike. ISSS help set ‘Way-Points’ for municipalities and county councils. ‘Defining targets to meet the objective’

COMMUNICATION DURING CRISIS - Protocol, Frequency & Propogation. Local or National decision? - 11th September 2016 - Registration open from  11th August 2016

Redundancy is a crucial part of any crisis preparedness planning. "One Plan = No Plan". What are the risks of dependency on one communications solution? What happens if the electricity fails for longer than 72 hours? Should there be a 'Plan B' for communications in the event of a crisis or disaster, and if so, who should decide on the options, plan and implementation? ISSS provide an insight on 'Scenario and Solution' for Communications during Crisis. A webinar that addresses public and private sector needs.

'RISK ON RISK ANALYSIS’ - Ensure the integrity of your Risk Analysis & Management

28th August 2016 - Registration open from 28th July 2016

We explain the potential to invalidate a Risk Analysis through individual & personal perception of “Assumption and Dependencies”. The use of R.A.I.D Registers and maintaining the integrity of Risk Management process. This webinar is for both public and private sector actors.