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Considerations when choosing a Renewable Energy Source

for your Home or Business

  • How much energy do you use?
  • How much energy do you want to generate?
  • Energy efficiency of your property?
  • Energy storage, Grid-Tie or both?
  • Integrated energy solution - solar panels?
  • Is there sufficient wind for a turbine?
  • Which type of wind turbine?
  • Which type of solar panels?
  • Who will install the system solution?

Before you start:

If you're thinking about installing a system to generate your own heat, make sure your home is as well insulated as it can be so your heat-producing system can be most efficient.

Wind turbines used to generate electricity come in a wide variety of sizes. Small wind turbines, which are generally defined as producing no more than 100 kW of electricity, are designed to be installed at homes, farms and small businesses either as a source of backup electricity, or to offset use of utility power and reduce electricity bills.

Wind Availability

Whether constructing a wind turbine is economically viable at your home or farm depends most strongly on the quality of your wind resource. Generally, average annual wind speeds of at least 4.0-4.5 m/s (14.4- 16.2 km/h; 9.0-10.2 mph) are needed for a small wind turbine to produce enough electricity to be cost-effective. A very useful resource for evaluating a site for its wind energy potential is a wind resource potential map.


As the potential, available, wind is general higher in the autumn and winter seasons an integrated solution approach is highly recommended, i.e. the combination of wind and solar panel technology maximising the efficiency of your renewable electricity generating system.

When choosing a balanced renewable energy system solution of wind and solar, it is important to consider the phsyical and sound impact on the local environment and neighbourhood. It is often impractical to install larger wind turbines due to the sound generation. Technology consideration include higher efficiency from 'downwind, rear mounted wind turbine generators, physical design considerations and audio footprint have led us to conclude that the Leading Edge Turbine range shown below offer an excellent solutions meeting all of the above technical and environmental questions.

LE-v150 Information & Specification

LE-300 Information & Specification

LE-600 Information & Specification

LE-2000 Information & Specification

LEADING EDGE WIND TURBINES - The right choice for you

Leading Edge Turbines are designed and manufactured in England.

They are extremely efficient, quiet and reliable wind turbines

providing local renewable power locally, worldwide.

  • The team behind Leading Edge has been designing, manufacturing and installing wind turbines for the past 12 years. They understand off-grid systems and how to design holistic off-grid power systems.
  • The turbines are manufactured in Britain with parts of the highest standard sourced where possible in the UK, enabling close control over our supply chain and relationship.  The manufacturing systems and procedures are quality assured under ISO9001:2004 with accreditation from QMS International plc.
  • All products have a design life of 20+ years and our modular design technology facilitates ease of service.
  • With only two moving parts on the LE-300, LE-600 and LE-2000 we have minimised the risk of parts failure. The unique design is robust yet lightweight, enabling easy installation.
  • The products deliver the quality required at an affordable and competitive cost.
  • A unique ‘Whispower’ blade technology enables some of the quietest operations compared to turbines of the same category.
  • The flexibility of the designs allows the wind turbines to be utilised in a number of different types of applications, from off-grid residences, businesses and farms to powering broadband equipment and road signs in remote locations.


Leading Edge Turbines Ltd have appointed ISSS® as the Sole Exclusive Distributor in Sweden. ISSS® have full factory support for the supply, installation, maintenance and warranty of all Leading Edge product solutions and technology.

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Battery Storage, Controllers,

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Find out how your Business will benefit: Renewable Cost Effective Energy

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