ISSS Resilience Centre

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"Today’s shocking events at Trollhättan school, in Sweden, should provoke public concern and what is sad is that once again we have done nothing until something awful has happened."

At ISSS we have, over the last three years, repeatedly attempted to draw attention to the lack of care shown to Swedish children whilst at school. We have offered a threat assessment package that would enable schools to fulfil their obligation for the safety of children in their care. Indeed, we have offered to assist in the implementation of policies and practices that would ensure that parents could leave their children in the care of a school with confidence. One of the biggest risks that we identified was that in most schools there is open and unrestricted access to the premises. In the world in which we live in, sadly, this cannot be right and is tantamount to neglect.

Disappointingly, our offers have been disregarded. Senior school managers have decided that the measures that we identified are unnecessary and some others have decided that even the process of an evaluation of children’s’ safety whilst at school was not needed.


Graham Cull

Fellow of the Institute