ISSS Resilience Centre

  CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility - Webinar




7th FEBRUARY 2014


An Introduction to CSR from a

Water and Food Security perspective



Welcome to the first webinar in the ISSS P.R.N. Webinar series.

Slowing growth, dwindling resources, changing environment, and increasing inequality. All these changes challenge corporations to get involved somehow. Resilient communities mean paying customers. Lost resilience undermines prosperity. At a time when people are losing confidence, this is the moment to redefine your mission, respond to real needs and create lasting relationships. CSR and sustainability are rapidly becoming a business continuation issue.


This webinar welcomes the Humanitarian Water and Food Award (WAF). Based in Copenhagen, WAF has spent five years promoting ground-breaking successes in global water and food security. It is uniquely placed to demonstrate how some businesses are redefining CSR as a dynamic of a resilient society.


 “From Philanthropy to Resilience,

from Green Concerns to Business Continuity”